The Management, acting through the Principal, reserves the right of resigning the charge of any pupil, whose conduct is deemed unsatisfactory. In such cases the Principal is NOT bound to give any reason.

Latecomers and absentees must fill in the appropriate late/leave record in the diary signed by their parents and must be tendered to the Class Teacher. In case of long absence, prior sanction! medical certificate will be required. These should be countersigned by the Vice Principal, Headmistress & Headmaster.

Pupils are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during the regular school hours. Permission to do so may be granted only by the Prlnclpal / Vice Principal.

Irregular attendance, habitual Idleness, neglect of homework, use of foul language, bullying, disobedience and disrespect towards the members of the School Staff, vandalism of school property or bad moral Influence, justify dismissal.

Pupils on their way to and from school are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

Pupils are strictly forbidden to carry electronic gadgets, Introduce objectionable literature into school or carry cellular phones or walkmans to school.

Any kind of damage to the school premises must be made good, and will be viewed seriously by the authorities.

Attendance on the last day and the first day of a long holiday is compulsory.

Teachers in this school are not permitted to give private tuitions to the pupils.

Parents and guardians will not visit their wards or Teachers in the Classroom without the permission of the Principal / Vice Principal / Headmaster / Headmistress.

All items belonging to a pupil must have distinct identification marks.

Pupils are not permitted to use the telephone except in urgent cases and with permission.

While changing class-rooms between periods pupils should move in silence and in an orderly, disciplined manner.

Pupils who come to school in the care of attendants should never leave before the attendants arrive. In case of delay, they should report to the school office. Pupils must be picked up punctually after school hours.

Pupils must always remember that the school Is judged by the discipline and conduct of Its pupils. They should always be disciplined, pOlite and courteous to their teachers and elders.

Leave applications must be submitted and sanctioned beforeproceeding on actual leave.

Parents are requested to check with the school from time to time about their sons/daughter's work and progress.

Pupils are required to wear the school uniform when attending school.

School begins with Assembly and pupils are required to be in time for the Assembly.

Pupils who are not in full uniform or who come late to School are liable to be sent home.

Pupils against whom there are frequent complaints are liable to suspension or expulsion.

The school will not be responsible for the loss of personal property brought by pupils.

Fines may be levied only by the Principal, or by the Vice Principal during the former's absence. However in all such cases the parents will be invariably informed through a letter/circular.